If you have enjoyed the music ministry of Michael-David on "Harp of David" you can hear more on CD and DVD from the projects you see below. At the bottom of this page you can also purchase Michael-David's 13 disc Harp Course or the special Harp Tote Bag designed for ladies who have a love of harping! When you purchase these items you are helping the ministry continue. Thank you and Shalom!


CD - A Prophetic Harp - On a Musical Journey Through Israel

Come on a spiritual and musical journey with prophetic psalmist, Michael-David, as he recorded his harp throughout the Land of Israel!

This ancient instrument brings a new sound. Experience the lyrical and haunting melodies as the heavenly sounds transport you to the Holy Places where the Bible happened!

Click on the image of the CD to purchase the CD and to hear sample tracks, see photos of the locations where it was recorded and watch a video about the project.


CD - A Prophetic Harp and a Golden Bowl

“A Prophetic Harp and a Golden Bowl” - Spirit-breathed Instrumental  Harp soaking music was created to usher you into the Throne Room of God, where the 24 elders with harps receive the prayers of the saints in golden bowls as incense (Rev 5:8). Birthed during hours of worshiping in the presence of the Lord, the lyrical strains of the solo harp, weaves intricate, lush, layered harmonies. Passionate and spontaneous melodies portray prophetic themes that reflect lyrics straight from the Word of God (included on the insert).

Click on the image of the CD to purchase. Here you can watch a video about the project as well as read an endorsement from David VanKoevering and hear sample tracks.


CD - Chrysalis

The music of Chrysalis features the sound of Michael-David's electronic harp invention "the Harpella" with vocals by Zsiporah and live musicians that is both energetic and ethereal. The CD includes a bonus track "Blood Moon " - To purchase the CD, hear samples of the tracks and see the "Blood Moon" music video follow the link by clicking on the image of the CD.


The Music of the School of the Prophetic Harp CD and DVD Set

Recorded live on the Mount of Olives in the classroom at the Jerusalem House of Prayer For All Nations - Experience the angelic sounds of harp music played and sung by the students of the 2nd Jerusalem School of the Prophetic Harp! To purchase the CD and DVD Set and view a video about the project click on the image of the CD/DVD.


CD and DVD set "The Feast of the Ages"


Feast of the Ages is a Messianic Musical that dramatizes how the love of God is expressed throughout the Ages in the Feast of Tabernacles. God, as a Holy Bridegroom, reaches out to both the Nation of Israel and the Gentile Nations as His Bride. This production come as a two disk set - a DVD of the live performance and a CD of the music including a bonus track “One Step Closer to Zion”.

Click on the image of the CD/DVD to purchase the set and to see some video clips from the production.


A Messianic Passover Seder - DVD

Learn about how the Messiah is powerfully presented in the Passover Meal through this DVD  "A Messianic Passover Seder". International Messianic Harpist Michael-David and his wife Zsiporah share deep spiritual insights through the traditional Jewish songs, customs and New Testament scriptures. Click on the image of the guidebook and DVD to purchase and/or view a sample video. You can follow a link on that page which provides you with the PDF of the guidebook entitled "Messianic Passover Hagaddah".


Harp Song Large Tote Bag


Inspired by the Harp in Worship event, this beautifully designed tote is made from high quality Vegan Leather. One main compartment with one inner zipper pocket. Large space to carry your Sheet Music, tuning accessories, cosmetics, bottles, phone. Click on the image of the purse to see more images and make your purchase.



Instructor: Michael - David international harpist, ministers out of a calling to restore the harp as a tool of worship and intercession in the endtimes restoration of the Tabernacle of David. 



 Click here to see a video about the course. Click on the image of the DVD set to find out more and purchase.

The Frequency of the Supernatural:

Revealing the Mysteries of God's Quantum Universe


The supernatural is a very real dimension.

If we could grasp the intersection of the spirit realm and science, what difference would it make in our daily lives?

This groundbreaking work reveals how science, God, the spirit realm, and quantum physics all function together. When you discover how to tap into these supernatural frequencies, you can operate in greater dimensions of spiritual power.

Through these pages, you will:

  • Gain a greater authority in your prayer life and become more effective in intercessory warfare
  • Understand how miracles are released and how you can access the power of God
  • Experience a renewed sense of wonder at the God of Creation and bring your worship to new dimensions
  • Operate in increased levels of discernment, recognizing the difference between sound science reinforcing Kingdom truth, and pseudo-science mixed with deceptive thought
  • Grow in confidence to share your faith using the concepts of science and the supernatural to address people’s relevant questions about God

When you understand the Quantum science of the supernatural, you will be equipped with keys that unlock new measures of Kingdom power, intercessory authority and supernatural miracles in your life!

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Israel Cafe Mug

The Israel Cafe Mug is our welcome gift to all of our friends who have joined us and are watching our new weekly program Israel Cafe.tv You can receive this double-sided Hebrew and English mug in the colors of the Israeli flag when you support this ministry with a gift of $25 (plus shipping).

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